Psychosocial Hazards

Building psychologically safe workplaces

Creating a psychologically safe workplace isn’t only a suggestion, it’s a necessity. Organisations that prioritise psychological safety not only empower their teams but also position themselves for long-term success in an increasingly competitive work environment.

Four steps towards psychologically safe work environment





This proactive education not only enhances wellbeing of resilience but also promotes a culture of empathy & support.

This proactive tool not only promotes potential mental health issues but also fosters a supportive and sustainable workplace culture.

Our 10-module accredited leadership program equips your leaders to manage every one of the 16 psychosocial hazards

Regularly evaluate control measures and their effectiveness. Genuinely check in with individuals and teams. Adjust control measures accordingly

There are 16 psychosocial hazards:


We do a really good workshop about this topic and we have a fantastic resource – “The Leaders Guide” which complements this content

We also have a super dooper dashboard which we can use to help your team get better at their psychosocial behaviours