Chris Mills

Chris is a passionate performance coach and keynote speaker who makes natural and powerful connections with both individuals and groups, resulting in productive and healthy outcomes for all.

Chris firmly believes that every person and team has the potential for continuous improvement and with his strategic clarity and compassion for the client’s journey, he sets them up for reaching their performance potential.

Through his working career he has traversed the trade, retail, education and senior executive domains.

Performance Facilitator

Chris facilitates a range of training programs which can be customised for your organisation’s goals and objectives. Program topics include, resilience, performance, communication, energy, purpose, and leadership.

After working in the education sector for over two decades (in both the public and private sectors) and being a senior executive for 10 years, Chris is passionate about strategic thinking, team development, individual and corporate well-being, change management, and cultural setting, improvement and protection. Chris is highly regarded for his personal authenticity in these areas as much as his skillsets.

As a coach in the realm of resilience and performance, his influence comes from connection with those he is engaging with. Chris’ personal journey of resilience also provides a genuine foundation of empathy, trust and hope that creates a safe place for real growth in performance.

Keynote Speaker

Chris is a highly engaging communicator that ‘knows the room’ and utilises his passion, expertise and humour to take others on the journey of learning and growing to bring about optimal performance.

Chris has experience in presenting to a range of audiences from 1 to 2000.

Witnessing the ‘light bulb moment’ in others is a highlight for Chris, as he believes that it is from here that change can truly begin. He strongly believes that the personal and professional life is so connected that it requires honest reflection, challenge and goal setting in both areas and he is passionate about helping others to grow in both. Throughout his entire working career Chris has always believed positive change can occur no matter the stage of an individual’s life or career.

Chris’ qualifications include; Trade Certificate Optical Mechanics and Dispensing, Bachelor of Education and Masters in Educational Leadership.

Chris lives in Brisbane and is married with 4 children and 3 grandchildren. He loves time with the whole family and friends, motorcycles, being fit, sport and being creative in the arts.