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Burnout Intervention Program

Our Burnout Intervention Program provides both proactive and reactive strategies for addressing the causes and impacts burnout can have on you, and those around you. 

Burnout can feel like we’re losing control. It is characterised by depleted energy and exhaustion, distancing and feelings of negativity, and reduced professional efficacy.

This Burnout Intervention Program provides time and a method to reflect on how you gain back some of that control.

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Real outcomes

The Burnout Intervention Program is designed to provide practical advice that can prevent Burnout, along with providing a pathway out of Burnout for those who have felt overwhelmed by these symptoms.

Key Focus Areas

Connecting with you:

  • Finding or re-engaging your strengths
  • Self-care planning
  • The constructive vent – ensuring pressure doesn’t become toxic for you and others

Connecting with others:

  • Building your performance network at work and home
  • Knowing the keys to identifying and responding to the five zones of Resilience
  • Developing group behaviours in line with the challenges we face

Connecting with the bigger picture

  • Defining purpose and re-setting ‘home’ and ‘work’ priorities
  • What’s my ‘Performance Elevator Pitch’ moving forward?
  • Building a plan for tough decisions and challenging conversations that need to occur over the next 30 days


Bulletproof Performance workshops have helped the team to develop strategies to manage through high pressure and stressful situations, leading to a better workplace culture and improved results for the agency.Ashley Bacon, Acting Executive Director, Queensland Government

For Leaders, Teams & Individuals

Burnout is something we all need to be aware of regardless of our level of leadership, current season or job description. Having access to proactive tools that can help to prevent burnout will ensure we can continue to contribute positively, in both our personal and professional lives.

We customise this training for a wide range of teams from white collar to blue collar, front line to c-suite.


Flexible Delivery

This program has a range of flexible delivery options, including:

  • Face-to-face and online interactive workshops
  • Keynote presentations
  • Group coaching
  • One-on-one coaching
  • 3 to 12-month programs

Burnout Intervention Program

Ensure your team are connecting with themselves, with others and the bigger picture

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