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Your greatest asset and your greatest risk

Purpose is a key success factor for high performance in both individuals and teams. Under pressure, purpose is either our greatest risk or our greatest asset. 

Developing and nurturing both your individual and your team’s sense of purpose is a challenge many leaders face, especially during high pressure periods. That’s why we’ve developed The Bulletproof Purpose Program.

Some of our clients…

Practical Learning

The Bulletproof Purpose Program is designed to help you and your team create and strengthen a sense of purpose so strong that challenges are met with enthusiasm and sustainability.

You’ll enhance both your own and your team’s ability to perform and deliver under pressure, skills that will set you apart from the competition.

We’ll work with you to build:

You’ll also gain access to practical tools and templates to help you pass on this unique skill set to future leaders.


The Purpose Pyramid

The Bulletproof Purpose Program uses our ‘Purpose Pyramid’ to help individuals and teams to identify their purpose in each of the areas of Life, Job, Project & Task and explains that by having these prioritised correctly you can positively impact the productivity, engagement and motivation of your team.

The Bulletproof Performance program is very engaging and different to other programs on the market. They capture the worker’s attention and engage… I’d recommend Bulletproof Performance to everyone to get the best out of their people.Simone Hamill, Level Crossing Removal Authority

For Leaders, Teams & Individuals

Who should take part in The Purpose Program?

  • Any leader who manages another human. Leadership experience can range from 5 minutes to 50 years
  • Teams or individuals who need help developing and nurturing their sense of purpose
  • Participants must have a basic level of self-awareness and an advanced level of willingness to grow, be challenged and be taught
  • White collar and blue collar workers – we work with people from a wide range of industries and backgrounds.


Flexible Delivery

The Purpose Program has a range of flexible delivery options, including:

  • Face-to-face interactive workshops
  • Group coaching
  • One-on-one coaching
  • 2-Day Summit – coming soon.

Get in touch to discuss the delivery option that works best for you.


Get The Purpose Guide 

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