Meet the Bulletproof Team

Change, challenge and/or chaos are common in the world today. They are a constant companion across most industries and organisations. In such times, it is vital for leaders and their teams to have support and develop effective strategies to manage this change and challenge in both their personal and professional lives.

Rhett Morris - Bulletproof Performance

Rhett Morris

Owner & Director

Rhett founded Bulletproof Performance in 2009, after seeing the need for teams and individuals to perform effectively under pressure in both their personal and professional lives.

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Kate Smolenska


Kate Smolenska joined the team after seeing, first-hand, the difference that Bulletproof Performance’s programs made to the teams and individuals with whom she worked.

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Kate Smolenska - Bulletproof Performance
Jenny Huntington

Jenny Huntington

Associate Director - Futureproof People

Jenny is leading our newest endeavour ‘Futureproof People’ which combines the best of wellbeing and high-performance in the education industry which is allowing her to outwork her passion to see students, teachers & parents succeed in all areas of life.

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Alison Morris

Business Manager

With a background in HR, Marketing and Exec. Admin. Alison ensures our client communications and business operations run like clockwork.

Alison Morris - Bulletproof Performance
Luke Field- Bulletproof Performance

Luke Field

Digital Production

Luke owns his own production house and is responsible for providing us and our clients with the highest standard of film and video production from inception through to delivery.

Amy Gempton

Creative Design

Amy has vast experience in graphic design and is responsible for bringing all our ideas to life both on the screen and in our printed resources.

Amy Gempton - Bulletproof Performance

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