Rhett Morris - Bulletproof Performance

Rhett Morris

Owner & Director

Rhett founded Bulletproof Performance in 2009, after seeing the need for teams and individuals to perform effectively under pressure in both their personal and professional lives.

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Chris Mills


Chris is a passionate performance coach and keynote speaker who makes natural and powerful connections with both individuals and groups, resulting in productive and healthy outcomes for all.

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Kate Smolenska


Kate Smolenska joined the team after seeing, first-hand, the difference that Bulletproof Performance’s programs made to the teams and individuals with whom she worked.

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Ben Innes


Working alongside individuals and organisations to maximise their potential through building trust and championing leaders.

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Amy Gregory

Special Projects Manager

Amy oversees our Bulletproof Leadership Program, managing events and keeping logistics running smoothly. With a background in graphic design she is responsible for bringing all our ideas to life both on the screen and in our printed resources.

Rose Abad

Executive Assistant and Events Manager

Rose ensures our client communications and business operations run like clockwork. She oversees business administration, event management & supports our passionate team.

Alison Morris

Finance Manager

With a background in HR, Marketing and Exec. Admin, Alison takes care of all of our finances.