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Team Triage

Instant action. Immediate Support

Leaders & individuals may need help to decide the order of support they may require to maintain health and sustainability of performance during periods of high and/or sustained stress.

People may pay a price mentally, physically & emotionally when repeatedly asked to adapt or pivot. Our experienced  Bulletproof Performance Coaches can help with immediate actions and customized support.

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Real outcomes

Team Triage sessions aim to help leaders & individuals assess the support needed to maintain performance during periods of stress. Immediate customised actions can have a positive impact on an individual’s performance both at work & at home.

Our experienced Bulletproof Coaches help to identify key issues that are impacting on performance, and provide a list of key actions and solutions for individuals, leaders & teams.


Key Focus Areas

Individual Response

  • Immediate actions designed to have an instant positive impact on the individual’s performance both at work & home.

Leader Response

  • Customised actions to help a leader keep their finger on the pulse of an individual’s performance & responses they may want to suggest.

Team Response

  • A compiled list of suggested actions identifying key themes & providing solutions for team-wide responses. Early identification of any ‘code red’ issues that are impacting team performance.

Bulletproof Performance workshops have helped the team to develop strategies to manage through high pressure and stressful situations, leading to a better workplace culture and improved results for the agency.Ashley Bacon, Acting Executive Director, Queensland Government

For Leaders, Teams & Individuals

Periods of high stress can take a toll on our emotional, mental & physical health. Stepping back to triage any key issues can help us to identify and implement immediate actions and solutions. This can have a positive impact on maintaining health and sustainability of an individual’s performance both at work and at home.

We customise this training for a wide range of high performers from white collar to blue collar, front line to c-suite.


Flexible Delivery

This program has a range of flexible delivery options, including:

  • Face-to-face and online interactive workshops
  • Keynote presentations
  • Group coaching
  • One-on-one coaching
  • 3 to 12-month programs

Team Triage

Provide immediate support to your team, to sustain performance during periods of stress.

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