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‘The Bounce Back’

Empowering your team to bounce back during and after a crisis

Immediately after a season of crisis and/or challenge, every individual & team should conduct a performance mindset reset. Taking advantage of this opportunity can be crucial for the healing and future-proofing of both the individuals and the team.


Due to COVID-19 we are all working towards adapting to a new ‘normal’ and part of this process is to ensure your team has the skills and a plan to adapt and progress towards a productive future.

A Podcast interview with Rhett Morris & Sgt. Timothy Wedesweiler discussing ‘The Bounce Back’

Some of our clients…

Resilience Under Pressure Clients

Real outcomes

The Bounce Back training helps participants to develop the skills required to bounce back both during and after a time of crisis. 

The training is designed to influence real outcomes. All participants will leave with the knowledge and tools to implement their learnings immediately.


Key Focus Areas


How was the crisis managed? What was left unsaid in the heat of battle?

1. Think > Feel > Do transition reset

2. How to host a constructive conversation or ‘vent’

3. Empathy vs Sympathy strategies to build safe situational awareness now and for the future


A ‘lessons learnt’ session for a performance rebound.

1. What worked and what didn’t during the crisis/challenge?

2. Who, what and where were the roadblocks of performance?

3. What will my future look like?


A clear plan to future-proof performance.

1. Alignment & clarity across the tactics of the next 30, 60, and 90 days

2. Focussing on the crucial matters (Eisenhower Matrix)

3. Effective transitioning tools to manage tactical & strategic mindsets

Teamwork, tolerance and a willingness to endure are three key concepts we can learn from the Military when it comes to working through or bouncing back from a crisis.Sgt. Tim Wedesweiler, Mental Performance Specialist
and former Special Forces soldier, Canada

For Leaders, Teams & Individuals

High performing individuals work in an environment that requires them to perform, regardless of the immediate or long-term pressure they face.

We customise this training for a wide range of high performers from white collar to blue collar, front line to c-suite.


Flexible Delivery

This program has a range of flexible delivery options, including:

  • Workshops
  • Coaching 
  • Online

The Bounce Back Training

Empowering your team to bounce back during and after a crisis

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