Our Resilience, Purpose, Energy & Communication Guides are highly regarded as excellent tools that can be used both during and post our presentations. Designed to accompany our workshops, coaching and keynote presentations, these handheld flip guides provide useful information about identifying and responding to different issues covered in our key topics of PUP, TPP, EUP, CUP & LUP.

The Resilience Guide (including students’ version)

The Resilience Guide can be used to accompany our PUP & Leadership programs along with being available as a supporting resource for many customised keynote presentations. There is also a student version which is specifically designed to engage and assist students.

The Communication Guide

The Communication Guide can be used to accompany both our CUP and Leadership programs as well as being a supporting resource for many customised keynote presentations and team programs.

The Energy Guide

The Energy Guide is used to accompany our EUP workshops. It can also be a useful tool for customised wellness and wellbeing programs and keynote presentations.

The Purpose Guide

The Purpose Guide is used to accompany The Purpose Program workshops and can be a supporting resource for our customised keynotes and team programs. You can also download an e-book version of our Purpose Guide HERE.

PUP Workbook (including students’ version)

The Performance Under Pressure workbook is a more in-depth resource designed to accompany the PUP program. It contains both partner and individual exercises, which are facilitated in the program and is a very useful tool for continued learning and skill development post the workshop. There is also a student version, which is specifically designed to engage and assist students.

The Coaching Workbook

Our Coaching Workbook is used to record all of the activities and information explored and collected as you work through a 6 session program. It can be used for any of our topics and can become a very useful collection of information for future reference post completion of the program.

The Resilience Program Workbook

An in-depth resource designed to compliment our Resilience Under Pressure workshop including a selection of practical activities and diagnostic exercises. This workbook also includes additional content specific to the topic and together with the completed activities will prove a valuable resource to reflect and review into the future.

Performance 360

A highly useful diagnostic tool used to provide an overview for leaders of how their employees perceive themselves, their team members and their leaders regarding specific key behaviours required for maximum performance.


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