We work with teams and individuals to engineer the behaviours required to perform better at work and at home. Since 2009 we have focussed our attention on providing our clients with leadership support, training, and consulting around issues including resilience, energy, communication and teamwork. Our team is committed to ensuring every program participant is supported, inspired and equipped to be the best leader they can be, both in their workplace and their home life.

An introduction to Bulletproof Performance

Our Mission

“We exist to build trust with individuals, teams and organisations to influence bulletproof performance.”

Our Values

1. Raising Self Awareness

We believe increased Self Awareness is the starting point of any personal or organisational transformation

2. Triggering Willingness

We believe the best transformations occur when people willingly pursue improved performance

3. Encouraging the Disciplines

We believe a plan or set of actions is crucial to turning thought into habit

4. Healthy and sustainable

We believe the enduring high performance is one that is underpinned with mental, emotional and physical fitness

Our Purpose

“Our purpose is to produce & duplicate the healthy & sustainable behaviours of high performance in teams & individuals.”

Our Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion Policy

Bulletproof Performance employs people from a diverse range of backgrounds, with a vast range of skills. Together we harness a wide scope of knowledge, skills and experience empowering us to provide exceptional services to our clients.

We provide equal opportunities to all employees & sustain a culture of tolerance, diversity & inclusivity in our workplace. We place great value in respect and acceptance regardless of gender, ethnicity, political or religious belief, disability, age or cultural background.

Our Indigenous Acknowledgement

We acknowledge First Nations people both here in Australia and around the world. We have the great privilege of working on ancient country that has had countless millennia of teaching, learning, leadership and culture; we pay our deepest respects to the wisdom of Indigenous people and custom past, present and emerging

Our Clients