Performance 360º

A highly useful diagnostic tool used to provide an overview for leaders of how their employees perceive themselves, their team members and their leaders regarding specific key behaviours required for maximum performance.

The Performance 360 gathers information on how each person sees that situation TODAY and requires the participant to answer from one of three perspectives…

  1. Their perception of themselves
  2. Their perception of their team
  3. Their perception of their direct report, manager or leader.

The initial Performance 360 collection or ‘Benchmark’ and possible subsequent ‘Pulse-Checks’ help to ensure the team and its leadership are staying accountable to the high performance behaviours they are working towards nurturing or eliminating.

Every Performance 360 is custom built to meet the unique requirements of your team’s culture. The results can be segregated into multiple different collectors allowing you to analyse overall results against particular groups. Collection & formatting of our P360 data follows our strict privacy policy. CLICK HERE to read our privacy policy.