Bulletproof Bespoke Programs are individually designed to provide customised solutions unique to your team.

Owner & Director Rhett Morris talks about our Bespoke Programs…

Our Bespoke Programs include…

Strategy Days

There is always significant value in taking stock of team performance, planning and making adjustments to futureproof results. Allowing a 3rd party to help you remove yourselves from the day-to-day tactics, ensures you and the team keep an eye on the bigger picture.

Team Building Days

Building an increased awareness within a team of the impacts that different personalities and strengths can have on both individual and team performance. These sessions provide the team with valuable information about the interconnectivity of its members, as well as practical and effective tools to leverage team knowledge for improved outcomes.

Culture Temperature Checks

Team success is dependent on either the turning up or down of particular behaviours. This session identifies those key behaviours and helps the group establish the convictions required to execute high performance behaviours.

Customised Behavioural Change Programs

The right culture in a team is produced on purpose with a clear strategy. These programs equip your team with the human capabilities required to not only establish healthy culture but also keep it maintained into the future despite the conditions the team may face.

The main objective I sought in engaging Bulletproof was to develop a culture that was willing to hold itself to account and to improve individual and team performance. The team at Bulletproof Performance reliably delivered to promise and the results exceeded my expectations. At every stage, they consulted with me on the planned approach and were always receptive and adaptable in response to changing circumstances and priorities.Mick Gray – City Works Manager – LMCC


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