Kate Smolenska

Kate Smolenska is a performance coach and keynote speaker who has an unwavering passion for helping people to reach their optimal performance – not just at work, but at life.

Kate started her career as an Engineer, working across the globe in private and public sectors and making her way into senior leadership roles. She has spent over 10 years working as a Safety Professional, where performance and results are a key focus. Through Kate’s varied experience there has always been one constant, she has a genuine curiosity in people and performance. She has a real knack getting people to dig deep, learn about their own responses and what makes them tick, and helping them to turn this insight around to help them perform under pressure.

Through her career, Kate has worked to combine her outcome-driven approach with the understanding that people are people, and that this fact deserves respect, empathy and understanding. Kate’s ability to combine her humanistic skills with her technical skills has resulted in the ability to equip teams with the skills to build resilience, both on an individual and team level.

With a highly dynamic backstory, Kate has an amazing ability to connect and influence people from all walks of life, whether they are graduates, line workers, or in the c-suite. She works with teams and leaders from a variety of industries, and no matter their background, they leave with a high amount of comprehension and willingness to take action, or as Kate puts it, “the WILL and the SKILL”!

Performance Facilitator & Coach

Kate facilitates a range of training programs that can be customised for your organisation’s goals and objectives. Program topics include, resilience, performance, communication, energy, purpose, and leadership. Kate gets teams on the same page as to what “performance” looks like and helps each individual to create a plan for ensuring optimal performance in their work and personal life.

Keynote Speaker

Kate is an energetic and humorous presenter who asks the hard questions and really challenges the audience to think. She is known for leaving a lasting impression on her audience. Kate has experience presenting at audiences of 20 to 2,000.


Kate believes her own purpose is to inspire positive change in people and to have an impact that makes people think and act. She describes the best part of her job as “connecting with another human being and the message resonating with them so much so that they have taken action and made a positive impact on their life”.

Kate has worked with teams across a variety of sectors across the globe. From keynotes through to fully customised programs, Kate can help you and your team to engineer the behaviours you require to perform under pressure.

Kate speaks two and a half languages. Her qualifications include; Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Engineering Science, Diploma in OHS, and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Kate lives in Melbourne and is married with two children. In her free time, you can find Kate exploring the outdoors, usually via a mountain-bike.