Leadership Under Pressure Training

Learn how to be an effective leader and lead your team to success during pressure periods.

When the pressure is on, it’s difficult to remain at our best, but how we react and behave during these times are defining moments for both ourselves and our team. 

Through pressure periods, you may have noticed a decline in employee engagement, people feeling overwhelmed, and poor communication. This is when leaders must have the skills to help their team to perform under pressure. 

The Leadership Under Pressure training teaches leaders how to be effective and lead their team to success, even when the pressure is on.

Some of our clients…

Leadership Under Pressure Clients

Real outcomes

Leadership Under Pressure training helps you to define what type of leader you want to be for your team when faced with pressure and equips you with the knowledge, tools and skills to become that leader.

The training is designed to influence real outcomes. Participants will leave with the knowledge to build trust within their team. They’ll increase confidence in their ability, not only to lead but also to support their team when the pressure is on.

All participants leave with the knowledge and tools to implement their learnings immediately.


Key Focus Areas

80/20 Influencing:

  • Communicating the ‘story of pressure’ to assist others to understand

Triple Threat:

  • Performaholic leadership 
  • Messiah complex leadership 
  • Imposter syndrome leadership

Team Investment:

  • Motivation techniques for pressure situations
  • Understanding irrational behaviour 
  • Thinking styles and personalities.

Bulletproof Performance has helped my team to instil new behaviours and management practices within our workplace. Together with individual and small group coaching sessions for our leaders, these initiatives are guiding a more positive and engaged culture across the entire team.Stephen Brown, Manager Development, Lake Macquarie City Council

For Leaders, Teams & Individuals

Effective leadership is a skill that separates good leaders from those who are excellent and is a beneficial tool to support people throughout their career. 

This course is designed for those already leading teams, aspiring leaders and seasoned leaders. 

We customise this leadership training for a wide range of industries from white collar to blue collar, front line to c-suite.


Flexible Delivery

This program has a range of flexible delivery options, including:

  • Face-to-face interactive workshops
  • Keynote presentations
  • Group coaching
  • One-on-one coaching
  • 3 to 12-month programs.

Leadership Under Pressure Training

Learn how to be an effective leader and lead your team to success during pressure periods.

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