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Safe Work Month & Mental Health Week

This year, Rhett Morris and Kate Smolenska from Bulletproof Performance are getting behind Safe Work Month and Mental Health Week. They’ll be sharing their proactive messages to help your staff to be safety champions and take time for mental health.

Bulletproof Performance’s Rhett Morris and Kate Smolenska are experts in communicating the vital messages that are the focus of Safe Work Month and Mental Health Week. They will engage the room and take your audience on a journey of self-discovery. Attendees will leave not only feeling inspired but with the tools and motivation to take action.

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Fatigue Management – Behaviour vs Machine

More and more we are becoming dependent on software to help us manage the fatigue in our lives. On the market today there are many systems and devices that are aiding and improving our fatigue management. But we must never lose sight of the value of (1) Having a Personal Energy Plan, and (2) The discipline to execute this plan. It’s not either / or but both working in harmony for the best outcomes for the user.

Key takeaways

What causes most humans to ‘buy-in’?

When selling the purpose or reasons behind safety procedures we often focus on the ‘what’ and the ‘how’, both of which are crucial points, but both of which most can be put into context with clarity around the ‘why’. When we know ‘why’ our motivation for safety systems and behaviour increases dramatically as the brain attaches value to our purpose.

Key takeaways

Life Activation

Despite all the technical skills people have, many of us still struggle to put our finger on the triggers that really activate maximum return from both the personal and professional aspects of our lives. Whether it is the curse of busyness, a lack of clarity or immediate value, we all need to stop, do a stocktake and clearly define the elements and core ingredients that are fundamental to get the most out of life in a healthy and sustainable way.

Key takeaways

Rhett was a very engaging presenter, and the content was ideal in terms of relevance, coverage and practical application. I left the session with a clear plan that I have since implemented, and am now a better manager of my own performance and fatigue. Keynote attendee

Meet Rhett Morris

Morris is a dynamic and thought provoking speaker. He has no interest in ‘hyping up’ an audience or delivering some ‘feel good’ message. Instead, he helps his audience to think deeply about real issues providing practical ways to manage change and challenge.

For over 15 years Rhett has delivered his message to over 1,500 teams from rocket scientists to construction workers to accountants and everyone in between. With a keen interest in endurance and resilience, Rhett believes his purpose is to support teams and individuals on their journey towards high performance in a healthy and sustainable manner.

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Rhett Morris - Bulletproof Performance

Kate is an excellent speaker – very knowledgeable and down to earth. She presented very practical information that I’ll be able to put into practice. Keynote attendee

Kate Smolenska - Bulletproof Performance

Meet Kate Smolenska

Kate Smolenska started her career as an Engineer and has spent over 10 years working as a Safety Professional, where performance and results are a key focus. She has a real knack for getting people to dig deep, learn about their own responses and what makes them tick, and helping them to turn this insight around to help them perform under pressure.

Kate is an energetic and humorous presenter who asks the hard questions and really challenges the audience to think. She is known for leaving a lasting impression on her audience.

Kate believes her own purpose is to inspire positive change in people and to have an impact that makes people think and act.

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To book Rhett or Kate for your Safe Work Month or Mental Health week event, contact Alison on 1300 363 397 or email